Diamond lighting and Diamond switches are made to the company's traditionally high standards of quality, comply with all government safety regulations, and conform to the safety requirements. As premium suppliers, Diamond is playing a leading role here. For more than 40 years, the trademark Diamond stands for innovative and sustainable developments in the national electrical market. Today, Diamond is one of India’s largest suppliers of products and solutions for a wide range of customer requirements from electrical accessories and now LED lights.

Our most popular products are Diamond Modular Switches and Diamond LED lights. Diamond India Modular Private Limited is an Indian LED light, switches and electrical accessories manufacturing company. We are glad to have come up with a new range of products that are smarter, sleeker, safer, and cutting-edge.

Now you can choose the style for your space, just like your taste!.

Quality Policy

We at Diamond India firmly believe that only the best quality product can assure complete safety and total consumer satisfaction to our users. We ensure authentic research and development to manufacture quality products. Our modular electrical accessories are up to the mark and unbeatable in the market. Our products are uniquely designed with the help of modern and latest technology. We are committed to enhance the end-user satisfaction levels through our outstanding quality products and prompt services. Our professionals put continuous efforts to improve and enhance product quality and its safety by complying with various national and international standards.

About Founder

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Mr. Rajesh Gupta,

(The Managing director of the company)

Founded by Shri R.D. Gupta in the year 1975 founded Diamond India which primarily was a company that sold Pendant Holders. In 1985, with the tragic demise of Shri R. D. Gupta, Mr. Rajesh Gupta took the charge of the company at the age of 16. During that time the company had only 22 items in the catalogue. After 10 years in 1995, Mr. Rajesh Gupta envisioned a growth of Diamond India that expanded the company’s size by 5 times of its size, introducing products of the Urea Series.

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Mrs. Priti Gupta,

(The director of the company)

As the clock turned toward a new century, Diamond India launched its most popular product in 2001, the most innovative Innova Modular Series, and this was marked as a revolution in the modular switches industry for its great quality and affordability. In the same decade, the company expanded and diversified its products keeping the best quality and design as a top priority. The calendar turned a new page and in 2013 Diamond India became the first Electrical Accessories Company to manufacture LED Lights in India. In the same decade, Diamond India Modular Private Limited introduced the classy Carissa Modular range and Pride Panel Series that have successfully kept the collars high with the earned trust of the company’s esteemed clients.

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Our dream of attaining higher standards of quality from GE plastic, USA & FIA approval for fire retardancy, high impact resistance & perfect dimensional stability. The International Electro Commission not only guarantees the quality of our products but also motivates us to set advanced standards of quality through modernization and advanced R&D activities, assuring the finest consumer satisfaction with keeping every security policy intact. Contained by the outline of the implemented technical standards, we are always ready to innovate and develop the purpose and performance of the products, as well as to meet the company’s technological and production requirements.

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Our Vision

Diamond India Modular Private Limited since 1975 is one of the leading Indian companies in the electrical accessories suppliers market. For the last five decades, Diamond India has established and worked hard and smart to be the best supplier of electrical accessories and LED lights. We are keen on building global visibility, especially during these times, when the Indian economy on principle has taken a step ahead to be ‘vocal about the local’. Our innovative, smart, and swift solutions are designed solely to brighten up every corner that is still away from light. With the rapid growth of the online market, we are proud to have evolved with the times and our wide ranges of products are available online for customers from any corner of the globe.
We truly believe that actions are not only louder than words but are brighter as well - thus we have never compromised on the quality of our products and are highly enthusiastic to improve further.

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Our Mission

Diamond India is a premium supplier of electrical accessories in the country. Our company is set up with the mission to deliver the best quality products to our customers. The main objective is to make our consumers happy and satisfied so that they visit us in time and again. We do not endorse the idea of the market that is restricted to the idea of the sale of products but we want to make sure that we have built a healthy and codependent relationship with our esteemed customers. Our products are elegantly designed and always give a luxurious and premium look to your interiors, thus always complimenting you and the unique style of your space. Our team of professionals in Diamond India is not mere employees but we are a family who thrives to improve and do better as per the need of the time.