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Best Switches in India
11 Oct 2017
Diamond Switches – The Best Modular Fittings for Your Interiors! Diamond India electrical manufactures Diamond Switches which are among the best switches in India in the modular range. Switches are the integral components in the electrical fittings and serve as th.... Read More
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Best LED Light in India
09 Oct 2017
Bring Home Diamond LED Lighting Products for General and D├ęcor Orientations Since the first light bulb invented by Thomas Alva Edison, our innovations in the field of lighting have continued. The last two decades have been particularly dynamic in this regard and we dev.... Read More
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Best Switches for Home Interiors
06 Oct 2017
People are looking for the best switches for home interiors and this time they are more rallied by the art concepts that are offered through the modular ranges. The electrical accessories including the switches and lighting were primarily greeted as utility products for.... Read More
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Best Glass Switch Plates in India
03 Oct 2017
Modular Switches Manufacturers are re-defining the trends and these have developed demand in the market not only because of the innovative functional design but also because of the artistic value for the interiors! Both homes and office spaces are being studded with the.... Read More
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Beauty of Diamond LED Lighting
16 Aug 2017
LED lights have become more than just a way to lighten up homes and work places. Besides being energy efficient they also beautify the place where they are lit. The newest trend in LED lights is Diamond LED lighting. Unlike the regular round or long shapes that they com.... Read More